About Us

NATA Aluminium & Glazing is a division from National Group. Nata has its office and a will-equipped 900 sq.m. Workshop situated at Plot #18 in Pink Area, Small Industrial Zone. New Industrial area. It has its own accommodation, mess and transport facilities for its employees directly supervised and maintained by the company, providing quality services to its employees of every level.
NATA has now completed more than 200 major and minor projects in Qatar in its chosen fields. We are proud that all our projects were completed within the time frame stipulated by our clients, often receiving special accolades by our clients for the quality and service we provide.

Message from our Chairman


NATA was founded with a clear vision to support Qatar’s growing construction industry by providing excellent services and craftsmanship in aluminium fabrication and glazing. Its strategy is to bring contemporary and innovative technology from round the world in the aluminium and glass industry and become a part of the infrastructure development efforts in the State of Qatar. With this clear mission, we are trying to facilitate a profitable relationship between technology innovators and ultimate end users.

Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al Thani
Chairman - National Group

NATA strictly adheres to transparency in business, be it our clients or employees. Our main goal is to make each and every client feel valued and trusted. We at NATA feel that, a timely delivery of quality work is very important to build the faith of our clients towards us. To achieve this continually, we follow a very strict agile process from inception to completion of a project.

We also focus on transparency with our employees which help us in employee retention. We continually reward our employees for any job well done. We at NATA believe that any appreciation given away in any form helps build the trust and confidence of employees at Nata and also makes them feel as a part of National Group.

Our Mission

Without the knowledge of cutting edge technologies, no company can excel. On that realization we always stay on top of technologies and use them effectively in our projects.

We at NATA, without any doubt believe that our well trained team are our back bone and our success. That is our asset and we strive in taking them to the next level in their profession.

We strongly believe in process oriented development methodologies and adopt them in all respects to make quality delivery on time in cost effective way.

Our belief in customer service relies on making a commitment to learn what our customer requirements are, and develop action plans that implement customer friendly processes. NATA believes in delivery with value

Our Culture

We want our engineering team and other employees to have fun at work and success in life. We encourage them to think like entrepreneurs and for this, we lead by example. We have open lines of communication and a clear mission. We continually reward our team for any job well done. Our engineers have the latest and best tools they need to perform their work. NATA relies on the latest and greatest technologies, to ensure our engineers progress in their professions. NATA team believes in delivery with value. We make each and every customer feel valued and trusted. The team at NATA believes that, a timely delivery of a quality product is very important to build the faith of our clients towards us. To achieve this continually, we follow a very strict agile process from inception to completion of a project. We provide a successful maintenance plan for our clients. We build relationships and we follow up.